Code Jumper Video

00:00—young people with tactile controllers
00:02—Leslie Morrison project Reno is a
00:04—physical programming language that
00:06—allows children ages 7 to 11 who are
00:09—blind or low vision to access the
00:10—computing curriculum quickly students
00:12—learn if I take this device and plug it
00:14—into this device and plug it into the
00:16—hub that creates a loop it could be
00:18—music so they may be able to loop a
00:20—couple notes together they can create a
00:26—repeat they can add additional notes the
00:29—possibilities are endless
00:30—rather than for huge benefit of torino
00:32—is a physical environment the students
00:34—can actually touch and manipulate the
00:36—different elements that make up the
00:38—programming environment each pod is a
00:40—statement in your program it's one line
00:43—of code you then put those pods together
00:45—to create those lines of code in your
00:47—program dubois manipulates pods many of
00:51—these kids come in with a whole set of
00:53—skills right for computing yes and we
00:56—just need to give them the tools that
00:58—allow them to grow that talent
01:00—programming is an ideal potential job
01:02—opportunity for visually impaired people
01:04—they actually make up approximately 1%
01:07—of the programming community worldwide
01:10—it's either the top one or the bottom
01:13—one simple to what you need to change
01:16—it's an environment that will work for
01:18—any student that is a tactile learner
01:21—because it's accessible it allows you to
01:24—immediately engage with the concepts of
01:27—programming it allows you to immediately
01:28—create programs that work usually this
01:30—one was on eight and that was one this
01:33—one would play because a number is
01:35—higher particularly in this case where
01:37—there's a quite a specialized market we
01:39—needed to partner with someone who
01:40—really understood that market and really
01:42—understood how we would get quite
01:44—advanced technology into the hands of
01:47—the kids that it would be most impactful
01:49—for aph know how to do that Microsoft
01:51—handed us this project name of Torino
01:54—and we decided on the name code jumper
01:56—next I'd take all this research in time
01:59—and energy and money we've spent and
02:01—help us get this into the hands of
02:03—students and be a partner with us our
02:05—hope is that
02:07—we inspire all blind and low-vision
02:10—children to code regardless of where
02:11—they are I think we only need to because
02:13—then the next one there's more than one
02:15—yeah then we put a pause in between
02:16—that's why there's been lots of light
02:19—bulb moments where they've suddenly
02:21—understood a concept where they've been
02:23—able to track through the program
02:25—physically as it's running so they've
02:27—been really infused about Project Torino
02:29—and as a teacher that's what you want to
02:31—see in your students you want to see
02:32—that level of enthusiasm to learn more
02:34—it's really it is an active hands-on
02:36—learning hitting at those most concrete
02:39—and operational levels for a student and
02:41—I think it's just the beginning of
02:43—what's to come for this field Microsoft