About Code Jumper

The Code Jumper Kit Includes:

  • Carrying case with:
    • Code Jumper Hub
    • Assortment of pods, plugs and cords
  • Code Jumper App
  • Quick Start Sheet (in both print and braille)
  • Online Student and Teacher Lesson Plans

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photo of the Code Jumper Kit


Here′s what people are saying about Code Jumper:

“It became really clear that the most popular path to introducing young children to coding wasn′t very accessible. We realized we really need something physical; something that would excite the hands.” - Cecily Morrison, Microsoft researcher and computer scientist and Microsoft project leader for Code Jumper

“I felt very independent, and I liked that. It made me inspired to do more coding.” - Daniel Johnson, 11 years old and student at New College Worcester, United Kingdom

“There really isn′t an equivalent to this physical way of programming.” - Jonathan Fogg, head of computing and IT at New College Worcester, United Kingdom

“If you put this in a classroom, not only is the student who is blind going to be using this, but every student in the classroom is going to want a crack at it. From a teacher′s perspective, that′s all you ever really want–something that′s inclusive.” - Dr. Craig Meador, APH President and longtime educator

“I can't wait until Code Jumper is available! This is a perfect "born accessible" coding curriculum that′s appropriate for all students/teachers to use as a part of teaching coding!” - Expert Tester Feedback

“Overall, I found it to be a very well-thought-out product that was highly motivating for students, and the lessons were clearly presented.” - Expert Tester Feedback

“I think it'll be an incredibly helpful tool for achieving [coding] goals. It's a much needed introductory tool for doing this.” - Expert Tester Feedback