Code Jumper Resources

The Code Jumper curriculum has been designed for teachers with little experience in computer science or coding, allowing you to quickly gain the skills to teach your students coding. Each lesson has step-by-step instructions for all activities. Many of the materials are included in the lessons, and those that need to be created by teachers have clear and simple instructions. Key vocabulary words are defined, and links are provided to outside resources for further understanding.

Code Jumper has the unique opportunity to teach coding in a multi-modal way that plays to the strengths to many teachers in a creative way using songs, poems, stories, and more!

The Code Jumper curriculum includes:

Code Jumper Puzzles

Join CJ, a cat-like alien from planet Jumpiter, as they adventure across eight new and exciting puzzles to learn more about Earth. The adventures incorporate coding activities such as: algorithms, loops, sequences, constants, and more. Each puzzle is free and available in accessible PDF, BRF, and audio files.

APH developed these student-focused “choose your own adventure” type of puzzles so that users can use them independently, with little instructor intervention.

Download Code Jumper Puzzles.

Microsoft Learn Course

Developed specifically for teachers, the Microsoft Learn course provides an overview of what you need to know to teach Code Jumper to your students. You can access the Code Jumper Microsoft Learn course at this link:

The Code Jumper User Guide

The User Guide includes everything you need to know about your Code Jumper kit. From how to install the batteries, to a comprehensive troubleshooting guide, the Code Jumper User Guide provides the information you need to get started.

Download the User Guide here: PDF HTML

Download the Android/Chromebook Addendum to the User Guide here: PDF HTML

Code Jumper Lessons

The Code Jumper curriculum includes 19 lessons that range from the basics of Computer Systems to Boolean Logic. Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions for teachers, student activities, tutorial videos, and an assessment to check for student understanding.

Download Code Jumper Lessons here.

Code Jumper Assessments

The curriculum includes two opportunities for assessment: one at the end of the Primary Lessons and one at the end of the Advanced Lessons. These assessments include a project for students to complete that incorporates the concepts learned in the lessons and a rubric based on a 1-4 scale.

Download Assessment documents here.

Code Jumper Tutorial Videos

Linked within each lesson are tutorial videos to help you understand the various Code Jumper components. The videos are also available on the APH YouTube page.

View links to the Code Jumper Videos here.

seven Code Jumper pods connected to the Code Jumper Hub