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Code Jumper Gives Children who are Blind the Tools to Code
CNET visits a classroom of students getting an exclusive look at Code Jumper.

Students working with Code Jumper in a classroom

These Tactile Blocks Teach Blind Kids to Code
Fast Company highlights how Code Jumper creates an inclusive learning experience for students.

A student working with Code Jumper

Microsoft′s Code Jumper Makes Programming Physical for Children With Visual Impairments
TechCrunch calls Code Jumper the most interesting new tech from Microsoft.

Two students collaborating on a program using Code Jumper

More About Code Jumper

Computer Science: "It's not just for some, It's for Everyone"
A Bellevue, Washington computer science developer discusses planning lessons with Code Jumper.

Cheri Bortleson instructs students with Code Jumper.

Behind The Scenes: The Making of Code Jumper
Andrew Moulton describes his trip to a Code Jumper manufacturing plant.

Code Jumper manufacturers test a new Code Jumper kit.

Accessible Coding: Opening the Door to the Next Generation
Jason learns to code with Code Jumper.

Jason uses Code Jumper

More Than Computer Coding: Learning Together
Three students with visual impairments work together to solve problems with Code Jumper.

Angel, Milly, and Andy use Code Jumper