Code Jumper Puzzles

Download and extract the files for the puzzle you wish to work with.

Each .zip file contains the following:

Puzzles: Each puzzle contains a braille ready file (.brf), an audio file (.mp3 or .wav), and a print file (.pdf). This is to allow you to choose the medium that is best suited for the student. You only need one file type to complete the puzzle. However, you may find that a student may wish to listen to the puzzle while reading the puzzle in either braille or print. CJ can't wait for you to join him on an adventure soon!

Sound Set: Before downloading the puzzles, you will need to familiarize yourself with adding a custom sound set. Please refer to the Adding a Custom Sound Set video or the Code Jumper User Guide.

Puzzle 1. Explore the Planet Jumpiter! (.zip)

Puzzle 2. CJ Gets a Job! (.zip)

Puzzle 3. CJ Learns About the Water Cycle (.zip)

Puzzle 4. Arrrrr, Where be the Treasure? (.zip)

Puzzle 5. Quit Diddling Around (.zip)

Puzzle 6. The Great Send Off! (.zip)

Puzzle 7. Bonus: A Day at the Amusement Park! (.zip)

Puzzle 8. Bonus: Where to Next? (.zip)